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Winter Skincare.

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Winter. Never been a huge fan, to be honest. Mostly because it’s so damn cold and the sun goes down at like 3 PM. Also, as winter comes, my skin ALWAYS starts acting up. It’s not anything terrible, though I still need to pay extra attention to it. So, today I want to share with you some of my favorite skincare products for the cold season. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across something you’ve been looking for!


Uoga Uoga scrub. Uoga Uoga is a Lithuanian brand and their products are all natural and ecological. “Pasiutę riešutai“ scrub contains small pieces of nuts and clay, and it has a really nice natural smell that I simply adore! I like using this one because the product works very gently and it doesn’t irritate skin, but at the same time it removes all the dead skin perfectly. I feel like this Uoga Uoga scrub would be a nice option even for those, who have a really sensitive skin.

Jonas Svidras


Eco Desire face cream. Recently I had a chance to try some of the face creams from Lithuanian skincare brand called Eco Desire. I’ve talked about a couple of their products before (click here). All of Eco Desire’s products are clean, ecological and freshly made and that’s one of the main reasons why I love their stuff so much. Lately, I’ve been using this face cream called “PERLAS” and, oh dear, it’s absolutely amazing!!! “PERLAS” contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) which have skin lightening effects (so it helps with acne scaring); it also helps with exfoliating your skin and makes it look less dull and more alive. I literally fell in love with this cream the first time using it ‘cause after putting it on at night, I woke up with significantly less spots the next morning. Also, the cream has a nice minty smell to it and it feels kinda cold when applied on skin, which I find very refreshing, especially in the morning. I definitely recommend this one to all the oily/combination skin fellas out there.

Jonas Svidras

Eco Desire under eye cream. Another great product from Eco Desire. First of all, I looove the coffee smell that this one has! I always find myself looking forward to applying this coffee cream early in the morning, when I have to somehow manage to stay awake and drag myself to university. And it never fails to help. Also, this cream perfectly moisturizes under eye area and leaves it nice and soft. Another cool thing is that a little goes a long way with this product – you only need a very small amount of the cream to cover all the under eye area. Love it.

Also, with a code “thatcurlyblog” you’re getting a 15% discount for “PERLAS” and “KERAI” (code is valid up until 31st of March). Visit Eco Desire and don’t miss your chance!!!

Jonas Svidras


Nivea lip butter. I’ve been using this one for about a year now and it’s been my favorite since the day I bought it. I think that lip butters in general are the best choice when it comes to winter time. Especially this one. The product is VERY moisturizing and I usually put it on before going to sleep. And then in the morning I wake up with soft and hydrated lips. And it smells oh so nice!!!! You’re just gonna have to try this if you haven’t yet. I recommend this butter for everyone, literally.

Jonas Svidras
Salcura acne treatment. My skin tends to get more pimply in winter time, and I know that I’m not the only one. This Salcura Antiac spot treatment is the best one I’ve used so far. I apply a little bit of the serum on individual spots before going to sleep, and in the morning those spots are always a lot smaller and far less noticeable. And it also reduces redness. This stuff right here is a true MVP.

Jonas Svidras
That’s all for now folks.
I wish you all a kind and lovely day. Take care.



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