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Winter Shapes.

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Hello there!

Today I wanted to share with you and talk a bit about this super chill and comfy outfit that you can see in the photos.

So, recently I’ve been kind of obsessed with wide leg trousers. I’ve been seeing loads of cool pics and videos all over the internet of people styling them and it made me realize that wide leg trousers actually look heckin’ snazzy. And it’s also a pretty universal clothing piece too – you can basically create whatever kind of vibe you want by choosing a certain style of the pants (there are loads of different materials, patterns and shapes to choose from) and building the outfit around it with a certain kind of bits and accessories. For example, you can take a black pair of wide leg trousers, jump into a pair of high heeled shoes, put on a classy top and you suddenly look fancy as heck. On the other hand, you can pick a pair of trousers that looks a bit like pajama pants or the sporty ones that are quite popular now, throw on a casual sweater or a shirt, put on a pair of sneakers or other kind of simple shoes and you’re gonna feel and look super chill and casual. I’m a big fan of the latter kind of style.

I feel like wide leg pants look best with shorter coats and jackets (for example, short puffers). On the other hand, wide leg pants and long coats (in my opinion) look more stylish, so you can’t really be wrong here. And don’t be scared to experiment!! Fashion has no rules.

Trousers – Bershka
Top – Newyorker
Long puffer – ZARA
Short puffer – thrifted
Shoes – Deichmann

Photos by Jonas Svidras @ STEP.CAMERA



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