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Today I Saw The Whole World.


I feel like we too often misinterpret the word “art” and shrink its meaning to something plain and not artistic at all. This simple three letter combination simultaneously makes people think about some huge masterpieces like van Gogh’s “Starry Night” or da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”. Which is totally cool, don’t get me wrong. But that common train of thought kind of makes me sad because it drifts people too far away from the beautifully complex thing that art actually is. It becomes something unachievable, something unreachable, something that only blessed ones can do (or be). And that’s not right. I think we should see art in far more places. Most of them, at least. Because it actually IS all around us.

It’s in the way you like to wear your hair and in the way it messes up when it starts raining. It’s in the way you think and in the way you sometimes rather not to. It’s in the way you drink your coffee. And the way you always put two straws in your drinks instead of one. It’s in the way you love chocolate-covered raisins when everybody seems to hate them. It’s in the look on your face when you get lost in the pages of your favorite book. It’s hidden in your desire to be completely free and in the way you sometimes would give anything to belong. It’s in all your insecurities and in the way you don’t think about them anymore. It’s in the way you take your Instagram pictures and in the way they still don’t match despite trying really hard. It’s in the way you run when you get scared. And in the way you walk. It’s in the way you love. In the way you eat. The way you dream. Cry. See. Sleep.

It’s in the way you dress. And this one is definitely one of my favorite.

Art is everywhere and it’s in all of us. No matter how big or how small.

Pants – ZARA
Top – H&M
Hand bag – ZARA
Shoes – Vans

Photos by Jonas Svidras @ STEP.CAMERA

















What does “ART” mean to you?
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  • Anonymous

    To me, art is something I can see in people, the way they look or behave. “Art” is a word I would use to describe my significant other falling asleep. The way he says my name. The way he stays awake just to talk to me. The way he stares at me passionately. The way he tickles me. The way he gets me into wildest adventures. The way he dances with me to Frank Sinatra’s music. His freckles. Maybe “art” is also the way I love him.

    But that just doesn’t end there, you see. It’s also all about the little things, like being able to paint your nails without any streaks, or to do your brows without making yourself look like a little baby gorilla (which in my case, happens a-a-a lot). It’s all about that polka dot dress that makes you feel like a girl from early 60s. It’s all about that one lipstick, that you absolutely love. It’s all about that book that lays on your table untouched, because you’re too uninterested to read lithuanian literature about religion. It’s all about the mug you always choose to drink your tea. It’s all about your favourite perfume, that makes you feel much more classy.

    Also, the night sky was always something I’d call “art”. The little constellations I’ve managed to learn last year. Especially the Herkules, which looks like a running man. The planets I can now easily name in the sky. The way you can see the nebula of Milky Way when there’s no light pollution. The way you can spend the whole night in your backyard watching meteor showers with your loved one. The way you look at the Moon everytime you get your hands on a telescope, even if you saw it, like, a hundred times. It’s just spectacular. It’s not just a sphere in the sky, it’s a piece of art.

    And you. You are something I’d call “art”. The way you write, the way your curly hair looks, the way you dress, the way you look into the camera. The way you make me think of red-brown-orange undertones. The way you express yourself. The way you like to photograph your coffee. The way I see flowers in your instagram posts. Just the way you are. That’s “art”. Cheers.

    August 25, 2016 at 8:33 AM Reply
  • Gabija

    Žadėjau rašyti angliškai, bet pabijojau savo žinių ribotumo.. 😀
    Man menas – tai, ką mes darom su aistra (ne, visgi “passion” skamba geriau..). Tai gali būti tas pats ėjimas, bėgimas, kalbėjimas, miegojimas ar bet kuris kitas Tavo paminėtas dalykas – svarbu, jog žmogus tai darytų su noru. Man ypač gražu žiūrėti, kai žmogui, atrodo, kažkas nepasiseka, nepavyksta, neatitinka nustatytų rėmų, bet jis nenuleidžia rankų ir daro toliau. Čia, manau, yra pats didžiausias menas.
    O įrašas, kaip visada, puikus! Apie pasakiškas nuotraukas jau net nebekalbu!… <3

    August 25, 2016 at 9:29 AM Reply
  • sara nena

    Amazing blog, thanx for passing by and for your lovely comment.
    I like the energy in your posts!!!!

    August 27, 2016 at 4:18 PM Reply

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