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Summer In The City.

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So, some time ago my friend Kasparas (@kasparasg on instagram, definitely check him out!) shot some really cool pics of me and today I want to share them with you. And, of course, talk a bit about the outfit I was wearing.


This summer ruffled tops and dresses (and everything in between) have been super popular, and yeah, I couldn’t resist – as you can see, I’m wearing this beautiful cropped ruffled top that I got from ZARA. Overall, I would recommend choosing simple ish kind of bottoms to wear with ruffled tops, but this one is quite minimalistic, so I feel like you can pair it with basically any kind of bottoms (but, of course, it totally depends on your sense of style!). So, for this outfit I grabbed these black denim culottes (another cool trend) – something unique but still super casual. I’ve confessed my love for culottes before on my blog, but they are really THE clothing piece. You put them on and you instantly look and feel stylish! And you can create a dressy outfit with a pair of culottes or dress it down a bit – honestly, however you feel like. Ruffled tops work great here, but my personal favorite outfits with denim culottes are those 90s looking ones, where you just throw on an oversized graphic t-shirt, tuck it in and pair it with converse or vans type of shoes – it looks straight up bomb.

And if you happen to love culottes as much as I do but still don’t really know how to make them work for you, definitely go hit up ToThe9s youtube channel. These two amaaazing girls wear a lot of culottes, so you’re definitely gonna catch some cool ideas for your outfits.

Top – ZARA
Pants – ZARA
Shoes – H&M
Earings – H&M

Shoutout to Kasparas for creating this beautiful art!

Hit up his instagram and facebook and show some love.



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