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Style Pieces That I’m (Probably) Always Gonna Love.

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I feel like we all have those few style pieces that we can always get back to. No matter what life throws at us. It’s like our little security blanket. So, here’s a little list of mine.


✿ Wide leg pants.
They are the truest MVP there is. They’re comfy, they’re kinda cool and they never go out of style – the perfect combination if you asked me. Another thing that I like about this kind of pants is that they’re super extra versatile – you can easily achieve whatever kind of vibe you want. I mean, you could pick a pair of black wide leg pants, match it with some kind of high heeled shoes and it’s gonna look super bomb, feminine and snazzy. Or you could choose a completely different way and do somethings similar to what I did here – snap off pants + oversized shirt + slides and it’s suddenly a very laid back kind of outfit (still looks sorta cool in my opinion).



✿ T-shirt dresses.
Another clothing piece that is super comfortable. And it’s also quite versatile – certain type of shoes and other accessories can really transform the look into any kind of style. And the best part, it doesn’t even have to be a real dress. You can go to your local thrift store, find a big tee in a men’s section and voilà! you got yourself a cool new dress.
I usually like to go for a more of a casual look and pair it with sneakers (vans, for example), but as I said before, it goes with almost anything.



✿ Holy culottes.
Also, very comfy. And yeah, styling these can be tricky sometimes, but it always elevates an outfit to something more interesting. You can make it look super casual with a simple t-shirt and sneakers or you can go all out and create an extra chic outfit (with heels and stuff). Of course, it sorta depends on the style of the pants – I probably wouldn’t be able to turn my denim ones into a super feminine piece.
So, please, don’t be scared of culottes!! They’re actually a lot of fun.



What are some of your holy grail clothing pieces?
Let’s talk about it in the comments.

Photos by Jonas Svidras @ STEP.CAMERA


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