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Review: The Organic Pharmacy Flower Petal Deep Cleanser & Mask.

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Hey guyyyys!

So a few weeks ago I’ve got a chance to try another one of the skincare products from BIOVAISTINĖ.LT. I’ve already tried an amazing moisturizer from them (and I have a post about it here), so I was super excited when they contacted me once again. Biiig thank you to them!!

These past few months my skin has been a bit problematic – I’m talking acne, blackheads and stuff – so I wanted to choose something that would actually help my skin get more clean and clear. And I thought that a face mask would be a perfect thing in my case. I came across this Flower Petal Deep Cleanser & Mask from The Organic Pharmacy, it looked cool, so I went for it.


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The first thing I feel like I need to tell is that The Organic Pharmacy is a cruelty free brand, they use organic ingredients (as their name already suggests haha), only natural fragrances and colorants. Pretty cool, right?

The product claims to draw out impurities, to remove dead skin and to brighten the complexion.

Key ingredients: oats, French clay, lavender.

Suitable for all skin types.

Basically, this product is dry and loose, so you have to mix some with a little bit of water and make it into a paste. Then you apply the mask on your damp skin, leave it on for a few minutes and then gently exfoliate the skin. And then you rinse it off.


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The first few times I was using the mask it was quite hard to get the right consistency, because I was putting in too much water and too little of the product. So yeah, it was a bit tricky to get the hang of the mixing process but after a few tries I finally got it.

Now, talking about the product – in my opinion it’s pretty damn good. It doesn’t make miracles happen or something, but in general, I like it. First of all, it makes the skin feel all nice and soft, so I guess it means that the product does the exfoliation part right. Also, I’ve noticed that after few weeks using this I actually have less blackheads and whiteheads on my chin and nose and that’s the thing that I’m the most happy about. Another great thing is that this cleansing mask is super gentle and it doesn’t irritate the skin whatsoever – I feel like even the ones with sensitive skin could use this without a fear.


✿ Natural and cruelty free
✿ Skin feels super soft
✿ Actually cleanses the skin
✿ Gentle, doesn‘t irritate the skin
✿ (Cute packaging)

✿ A bit tricky to achieve the right consistency
✿ A bit messy, since you have to mix the product yourself


Yes. If you‘re looking for a great cleanser, this mask is definitely for you.


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For more information about this product visit BIOVAISTINE.LT
Also, don’t forget to check out their instagram page!



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