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Review: Cell Fusion C Moisture Oxygen.

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Today I’m coming your way with a product review post!

I was super excited when BIOVAISTINĖ.LT contacted me and offered me to work with them. Basically, I’ve got a chance to try out any product from their website. Huge thanks to them!

For a while I’ve been struggling to find a moisturizer that’d be right for my skin, so I decided to particularly look at their face cream slection. Then I came across this Cell Fusion C Moisture Oxygen moisture emulsion and just figured to go for it.




The product is supposed to nourish, soothe and moisturize your skin. 
The package also says that it’s suitable for all skin types and works well with sensitive skin.

According to the directions, the cream should be applied on a clean skin in the morning and/or night.

Made in Korea (and that made me even more excited!).




Honestly, I love it. The thing I like the most about this moisture emulsion is that it’s not heavy at all, it feels light on the skin, but at the same time it moisturizes your skin perfectly. 
I have a combination skin, so my T zone tends to get quite oily while the rest of the skin usually is pretty dry. Most of the creams I’ve used that were made for combination skin didn’t really work well with my skin for some reason – they dry out my skin a little and give this tight sensation which I hate. But then again, other creams sometimes feel too heavy on my skin.
And this Cell Fusion C one is just perfect, literally. As I mentioned, it’s very light, it absorbs super quickly, so you don’t have to wait before putting on makeup. And it doesn’t make my skin feel tight at all!


✿ Very light
✿ Absorbs quickly
✿ Moisturizes my skin perfectly
✿ Makes my skin feel very soft

✿ I assume that some people could not like the the smell of the product;
it’s not intense or anything but it kind of has this herb element to it (which I personally like)


Yes. For sure.


For more information about this product visit BIOVAISTINE.LT
Also, don’t forget to check out their instagram page!



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