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NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.

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NYX has recently opened their first ever makeup store in Lithuania and I was beyond excited to hear that. I’ve seen YouTube beauty gurus using NYX cosmetic for years and years, and I was always very curious to try something from this brand. Now thinking about that, I could have probably just searched for their stuff online and purchased it, but you know, I was probably too lazy to do that. Fortunately, NYX decided to come to Lithuania, so everything turned out fine in the end.

Lithuanian NYX store is small and super cute. And I was stoked about the variety of products and colors to choose from! The makeup-loving part of me was extremely happy to see all those well known products all in one place, since I’ve only seen them on the computer screen. I lost my crap for a moment, but then I noticed the lipstick that I’ve especially always wanted to try – it was the “NYX soft matte lip cream”. I’m obsessed with nude and brownish lip colors, so I just took a random dark brown shade, swatched it on my hand, liked it and decited to buy it. As it turned out, that brown lip color is called “34 Dubai”. And it’s very very nice.

Julija Svidraitė

Julija Svidraitė

Everything about this lipstick is amazing. First of all, the color is perfect, especially for the fall season. Every time I wear it (which is lately all the time) and look at myself in the mirror, I just start to feel a little more happy because the color is so so nice and I love browns and I love dark lipsticks and everything is so great about it! And it also smells really good. I would try to describe the smell, but I’ve got a runny nose at the moment, so I can’t really feel it. It’s sweet, though. For more detailed description you’re gonna have to go and smell it yourself.


Julija Svidraitė

I usually put on two couts of the product ’cause I like it darker. I’m wearing only one cout in the picture, though. But it looks nice either way. I really like that this lipstick is completely matte and long lasting – it rubs out evenly throughout the day, so you just have to put on another layer once in a while.

I feel an urge to go back to the NYX store and buy every other color there is. It’s beautiful. So, if you’re searching for a nice matte lipstick and you don’t want to spend loads of maney on it – I definitely recommend it.
It makes me happy.



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  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous lip color. Sooooo looking forward to visiting Panorama, I really want to own such a beautiful lippie as well. And hey, your lips are so smooth and even. Mine has been so dry during the fall time. Yours make me jealous. You go, gurl. Pure icon of female power.

    • Julija

      Definitely go there, that place is like a little heaven. I want to try like every single product there is!
      Thank you so much!!! ♥