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July Favorites.

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Hello! How the World is treating you today? Well, I hope everything is a-ok.

So, today I thought I’d write this little post about my random July favorites. And yeah, I know, it’s probably the most typical thing to say, but where did July go? It was honestly so short, I can’t even comprehend. But oh well, I guess that’s life.

Ok, le go.

Favorite books.


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I’ve been reading quite a lot this month. Since it’s summer, I’ve finally had time to fully delve into the beautiful world of books and fictional characters haha. 

Firstly, I’ve been rereading the book by Will Darbyshire called “This Modern Love”. I think I’ve bought this book back in winter and read it right away, but I just can’t get enough of it. Honestly, it’s so freakin’ good. I’m sure that literally anyone who has ever had this book in their hands would agree with me on this.

It’s a book about modern love and relationships. Basically, the author of “This Modern Love” asked thousands of people on the internet a series of questions surrounding these topics, and then created a book out of it. The responses to those questions consist of letters, single words, photos, even poetry, and everything is just so honest and cute and heartbreaking. I can’t. I can’t. You have to read it.

And it’s one of those books that you can open whenever you feel like it and read random pages, so that’s quite nice.

Also, the author of this book is a youtuber, his vids are sick, so if you haven’t already, you should definitely check them out –> Will Darbyshire.


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I also got hooked on this book by Matt Haig called “Reasons To Stay Alive” (in Lithuanian it’s “Kodėl verta gyventi”). I’ve been seeing quotes from this book all over Tumblr for the longest time and I’ve been contemplating buying it from Book Depository or somewhere, but then I spotted it in my local book shop (the Lithuanian translation of it) and bought it. And ahhhh it’s amazing!!! 

The author of this book tells us a story about his journey with depression, anxiety and panic disorder and how he learned to live again. I personally was diagnosed with depression a few years ago, so many things written in this book hit very close to home. “Reasons To Stay Alive” is inspiring, real, beautiful and super hopeful and I thing everyone should read it.


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Favorite makeup stuff. 

So, there’s this eyeshadow palette called “The Nubian”, and I love it. It consists of very nice and lovely nude colors – 4 of them are matte and the other 8 are shimmery – and they’re simply perfect for every day use. I usually just take a little bit of the matte chocolate brown color and work it in my crease with a brush to create a shadow, I guess. And if I’m feeling adventurous, I sometimes attempt to create something cool on my eyes and use those shimmery colors. For the record, I usually fail miserably, but still, the palette itself is great. 

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I’ve been obsessed with liquid lipsticks for some time now and one of my latest lipstick obsessions is this “NYX Liquid Suede” lipstick in the color “Brooklyn Thorn”. First of all, these “NYX Liquid Suede” lipsticks are super cool in general – they’re not completely matte, so they don’t feel dry on lips. Honestly, I like these ones so much more than the classic “NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams”. 

“Brooklyn Thorn” is a very beaaautiful color, a nice mix of brown, grey and purple. Very 90’s.

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I was wearing this color in one of the previous posts, so here it is on my lips:


Julija Svidraitė


Fashion favorites.

This little bag from “ZARA”. You’ve probably seen it in one of my previous posts if you follow my blog. It’s pretty small, so you can’t put a lot of stuff in it, but it’s so heckin’ cute!! And I absolutely love how little bags like this one can spice up your whole outfit, no matter how simple it is in the first place. 

It has a long handle (that you can detach), so I usually wear it as a cross-body bag – it looks kinda cool that way + it’s very comfortable.


Julija Svidraitė


Also, this denim jacket, that you’ve probably also seen on my blog. As I already said before in one of my posts, I was looking for a nice denim jacket for YEARS (quite literally) and I found this one in my local thrift store. It’s just perfect – a bit oversized, the right length and with cute flower details on the back. The true MVP. 


Julija Svidraitė Julija Svidraitė


Favorite movie.

So, here’s a thing – I’m one of those people who like to rewatch movies more than they like to watch new ones. I’m not really sure where it’s coming from, maybe I just can’t tolerate the possibility of being disappointed. Anyway, there’s this beautiful movie called “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” and I’ve already seen it like ten times. This month I also rewatched it a few times. No regrets.

This movie is definitely one of my all time favorites.



Favorite youtuber.

In general, I watch a lot of youtube, and this month I found this girl called Sammi Quinn who create straight up AMAZING content. I looove her fashion sense (there’re some great lookbook videos on her channel), but most importantly, I’m super into her chit chat videos where she just sits and talks about all kinds of important topics and issues, such as self love, fear of intimacy, education, veganism, spirituality and so on. She’s super pretty, she has a very attractive personality and I think you’re gonna love her!



That’s it for now!

If you want, you can tell me about some of your July favorites down in the comments, I would love to chat with you!

See ya.



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  • O, kaip tik ir pati šį vakarą apie liepą įrašą baigiau ir paskelbiau 😀
    Labai sudomino knyga ‘Kodėl verta gyventi’, jaučiu, kad ji man bus labai artima. Nekantrauju perskaityt!
    Irrr kaip visada nuostabūs tavo rūbai! Tavo stilius yra būtent toks, kokį aš norėčiau susikurti 🙂

    • Julija

      Tikrai žiaaauriai gera knyga!! Labai labai labai rekomenduoju 💖💖💖
      Ačiū labai!!!!
      Bėgu skaityti Tavo įrašo 💛

  • “Kodėl verta gyventi?” knyga yra tiesiog nuostabi! Pati neseniai baigiau skaityti tik originalo kalba. Jau kurį laiką esu nusižiūrėjusi Modern Love, bet taip ir neįsigiju 😀 Labai įdomus įrašas! O dabar bėgu žiūrėti filmą apie kurį kalbėjai, labaaaai sudomino 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • Julija

      Ačiū Tau labai!!
      Labai labai rekomenduoju įsigyti “This Modern Love”, tikrai vienas geriausių mano pirkinių ever 😀
      Ir tikiuosi, kad filmas patiko!!! 💛💛