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How To Deal With Stress.

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So, here’s a little confession – in my twenty years living on this wonderful planet (aka Earth) I have come to realization that, despite how beautiful and interesting it can be, the World tends to stress me out quite a bit. Yeah. But I feel like we’re all kind of like that. Or at least we all get like that sometimes. I mean, when you think about that, the World IS pretty crazy, so it’s not that surprising that it drives us nuts every once in a while.

I’ve noticed, that I can be super chill for weeks and weeks, but then something mysterious happens and EVERYTHING starts to stress me out. Just like that. And, unfortunately, my past few weeks could be perfectly described by the latter statement.



So, today I thought I’d try to honor this time in my life and share with y’all some of my best advice on dealing with stress. And by “advice” I mean telling you how I personally try to deal with this crazy beast we call stress. Or something like that. Le go.



✿ Firstly, I’ve noticed that I feel more stressed out when I’m hungry. I’m not sure how it works, but it’s definitely a thing. If you relate to this, try not to pay much attention to those anxious thoughts that come to you when you’re hungry – I feel like they’re not real. And try your best to always carry some kind of a gentle snack around with you. Just in case, you know.

✿ And eat ACTUAL meals, okay?

✿ Try to stay away from coffee when you’re stressed out. Make yourself some herbal tea – it’s warm and calming.



✿ Try to get enough of sleep each night!! I can’t stress enough (what a great pun hah :’)) how important it is!!

✿ Take deep breaths. Inhale for about 4 seconds, exhale for 8. Repeat.

✿ Each day try to make some time to forget about your worries and do something you actually enjoy doing. Watch a movie, read a book, draw, write, make a nice meal for yourself, take a bath – you name it. We all need some time to recharge.



✿ Take a day off every once in a while. And don’t feel ashamed of it!! Mental health and self care is super important, even though a lot of people don’t quite realize that.

✿ ASMR also helps!! I know that people like to make fun of it, but it’s actually a great relaxation tool. There’s this girl on YouTube called ASMR Darling and her videos are amazing – give it a try!

✿ Try to stay organized as much as possible and follow some kind of little daily routine – it will help you feel more in control of things.

✿ Don’t be hard on yourself!!!! And realize that hard times like this are an inevitable part of human existence – you can’t be chill and happy all of the time, it’s simply impossible. But you will feel good again, I promise!!



Mom jeans – ZARA
Red shirt – H&M
Striped sweater – thrifted
Denim dress – ZARA
Puffer – ZARA
Shoes – Deichmann

Photos by Jonas Svidras @ STEP.CAMERA


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  • I use to make face masks…to try to sleep more, and to clean my house…. chaos makes me feel stressed

    • yeees, i’m exactly the same!
      when i’m stressed, i always try to stay somewhat organized and in control as much as possible in a sense of my surroundings. it’s usually pretty hard but i feel like it helps a lot.
      thanks for the comment!!!