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First Time With “Eco Desire”.

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November has always been a little bittersweet to me. The thing that I love the most about November is that it’s so beautifully natural. The weather is getting colder and colder, nature is losing those vibrant fall colors that everyone adores. The sun is basically gone and it’s either raining or snowing outside. And besides, it gets dark quite early these days. All of those changes make us face ourselves. For real. In summer, we have plenty of distractions, but they’re all gone now. And oh gosh, it gets pretty lonely sometimes. And tough. So we turn to each other. That is the reason why Novembers are always filled with coffee dates, ginger teas, deep conversations, sincere laughter, book recommendations, poured out feelings, shared quotes, movie nights, little gifts, nice words and… realness. As everything around us is losing its color, we have no choice but to paint dark November days with our own true colors. And that’s pretty awesome, I should say.


But the thing that sucks the most about November is that those weather changes make my skin pretty hard to take care of. I mean, it gets all dry and patchy, and I have to look for new ways to help it. And here I’ve got an example of the perfect timing – a few weeks ago I’ve got a chance to try some skin care products from the natural Lithuanian cosmetic brand called “Eco Desire”. They have quite a few skin creams, facial scrubs, masks and lip balms to choose from and all of their products are ecological, organic and freshly made. They were kind enough to send me two of their products: a lavender facial scrub “GEIŠA” and a face cream for winter time called “PUSNIS”.

First of all, I can’t help but to acknowledge how cute this scrub’s packaging is! It’s so nice and small and I simply love it. The scrub comes in a dry form, so you have to mix it with water first and then use it on your wet skin. “GEIŠA” has Asian rise in it, so you can actually control the softness of the scrub – the hotter the water that you’re using is, the softer the scrub is going to turn out. That’s the quality that I like the most about it. This scrub has a pretty strong lavender scent that I wasn’t too obsessed about in the beginning, but I’ve got used to it and it actually seems quite nice now. I wouldn’t recommend it for those, who have a sensitive nose, though. But I know that they also have another rose “GEIŠA” scrub that barely has any scent to it, so this one would probably work better for those who aren’t big fans of strong scents.

Overall, I really like this “GEIŠA” facial scrub. It leaves my skin very nice and soft, and it seems to be helping with those annoying dry patches. I would say, that this scrub is one of the best facial scrubs that I’ve tried so far.

“PUSNIS” is a face cream for a cold winter weather. It’s been quite cool lately here in Lithuania, so I’ve had some chances to test it. The packaging of the cream is very hygienic, since you don’t have to put your fingers into it, and that’s nice. It also has a soft, natural smell to it, so this one definitely shouldn’t bother any nose. The cream has a more of a thicker consistency, so it takes a little more time to absorb into the skin.

To be honest, I think this face cream is awesome. I feel like my skin doesn’t get as red in the cold (so it’s perfect for our Lithuanian winters), it helps with dryness but at the same time it works well with my oily T zone. And I’ve also noticed, that my foundation goes a lot smoother after applying this face cream. So it’s a win win!

All in all, I’m impressed with both of these products. And it definitely has something to do with the fact, that these products are natural. It feels nice to be using something, that I know for sure isn’t gonna harm my skin.

You can check out other “Eco Desire” stuff on their Facebook page by clicking here.



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