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Photo: Jonas Svidras @ STEP.CAMERA


Hello! Today I wanted to share with you one of my simple and easy summer (ish’) outfits.

I go through random fashion phases where I want to wear these unique and bright 90’s inspired clothes, flared jeans, stripy colorful tops and so on.

Julija Svidraitė

Coffee Talk.

So, I get lost. A lot. Probably more than your average person does. Or maybe not – after all, I’ve only ever been me, so it wouldn’t be very fair to make assumptions like that. But it feels like a lot.

Photo: Jonas Svidras @ STEP.CAMERA

Black Cat.

There are days when I simply can’t find her. She was here, how is it even possible that she’s not? Where is she? I try to go on with my day, but nothing feels quite right. I tell myself, oh, she’s gonna come back soon, don’t worry. But I just can’t stop myself from wondering. Why she left. What I’m supposed to do now. Then I start looking for clues.

Photo: Jonas Svidras @ STEP.CAMERA

Pastel Dreams.

Today I’m comming your way with a new outfit post.

Culottes. Definitelly one of my favorite pieces for a spring season. Culottes were super popular last summer but it’s only this year that I got into them.

Julija Svidraitė


So, where do I begin?

I remember all of those days. And early mornings. Or maybe midnights. I mean, I couldn’t tell ‘cause you were a big advocate for the belief that time doesn’t actually exist and humans made that whole thing up. So, for the obvious reason we weren’t supposed to be looking at clocks.

Photo: Jonas Svidras @ STEP.CAMERA

Electric Feel.

Blurry skies. Cracked street tiles. Wind sitting on every windowsill, playing the same old bittersweet melody (she probably wants to get in). Orange coffee cups. Indie rock. That particular song from last fall, but I can’t remember the name. Polaroid pictures. People talking in secret languages. “Stuck In Love” for the tenth time this year. And “500 Days of Summer”. Almond croissants. Quiet. Busy streets. Crappy coffee from university’s vending machine. Still coffee, though. Free periods. Old notebooks filled with arts and crafts and never-ending lists.