Today I Saw The Whole World.

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I feel like we too often misinterpret the word “art” and shrink its meaning to something plain and not artistic at all. This simple three letter combination simultaneously makes people think about some huge masterpieces like van Gogh’s “Starry Night” or da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”. Which is totally cool, don’t get me wrong. But that common train of thought kind of makes me sad because it drifts people too far away from the beautifully complex thing that art actually is. It becomes something unachievable, something unreachable, something that only blessed ones can do (or be).

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Little Talks.

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I suck at goodbyes. But I feel like we all kind of do. Goodbyes are either awkward or painful, and besides, you never truly know what is the right thing to say in that particular moment. Same case with hellos. Well, not with hellos itself but with all the things that come along. I’m talking about those weird introductions that usually happen on a first day at school when you don’t know anyone yet and you are asked to tell something about yourself in front of a whole class.

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