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Sick Of Losing Soulmates.

Sep 24.2016
I don’t remember much stuff from my early childhood ‘cause I have terrible memory but I clearly remember being 5 and thinking that you kind of loo...

Today I Saw The Whole World.

Aug 24.2016
I feel like we too often misinterpret the word “art” and shrink its meaning to something plain and not artistic at all. This simple three letter c...
Julija Svidraitė

Little Talks.

Aug 16.2016
I suck at goodbyes. But I feel like we all kind of do. Goodbyes are either awkward or painful, and besides, you never truly know what is the right thi...
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NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.

Oct 12.2016
NYX has recently opened their first ever makeup store in Lithuania and I was beyond excited to hear that. I’ve seen YouTube beauty gurus using N...
Julija Svidraitė

So Sad, So Sad.

Oct 04.2016
For a really long time I thought that I’m one of those summer people that LIVE for hot beach days, warm nights and the sense of freedom this season ...
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All About My Jeans.

Sep 05.2016
Mom jeans. Where do I begin. Mom jeans are THE clothing piece. It’s definitely my favorite clothing piece ever. I love it so freaking much I would p...
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Makeup Junkie Tag.

Sep 10.2016
First of all, I freaking LOVE makeup. Makeup is a true form of art and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about. ...
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Electric Feel.

Oct 25.2016
Blurry skies. Cracked street tiles. Wind sitting on every windowsill, playing the same old bittersweet melody (she probably wants to get in). Orange c...

First Time With “Eco Desire”.

Nov 15.2016
November has always been a little bittersweet to me. The thing that I love the most about November is that it’s so beautifully natural. The weather ...
Julija Svidraitė


Dec 04.2016
So, where do I begin? I remember all of those days. And early mornings. Or maybe midnights. I mean, I couldn’t tell ‘cause you were a big advocate...
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Winter Skincare.

Jan 03.2017
Winter. Never been a huge fan, to be honest. Mostly because it’s so damn cold and the sun goes down at like 3 PM. Also, as winter comes, my skin ALW...
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House of Memories.

Jan 07.2017
19 things I learned at 19 (and I’m a little too late for that game, because my birthday happened back in November, but I mean, I’m always ...
Julija Svidraitė

Coffee Talk.

Jun 28.2017
So, I get lost. A lot. Probably more than your average person does. Or maybe not – after all, I’ve only ever been me, so it wouldn’t be very...

Favorite Lippies.

Jan 22.2017
So, today I thought it would be cool to share with you my favorite matte lipsticks. In general, I love love love a good matte lipstick and, honestly, ...
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My Hair.

Mar 27.2017
Today, let’s talk about hair. So yeah, it’s true – curly hair isn’t the easiest to take care of. It usually requires some help from the outsid...
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Pastel Dreams.

Apr 03.2017
Today I’m comming your way with a new outfit post. Culottes. Definitelly one of my favorite pieces for a spring season. Culottes were super popu...
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Black Cat.

Apr 13.2017
There are days when I simply can’t find her. She was here, how is it even possible that she’s not? Where is she? I try to go on with my day, but n...
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Review: Cell Fusion C Moisture Oxygen.

May 03.2017
Today I’m coming your way with a product review post! I was super excited when BIOVAISTINĖ.LT contacted me and offered me to work with them. Ba...
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Fall Denim (Transitional Weather).

Oct 02.2017
Well hello frens! How ya doin’? So, when it comes to early fall and transitional weather, I like to hang onto summer clothes just for a little bit l...
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Jul 13.2017
Hello! Today I wanted to share with you one of my simple and easy summer (ish’) outfits. I go through random fashion phases where I want to wear...
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Alice in Wonderland + Thrifting Tips.

Jul 19.2017
I love love love thrift shopping. Thrift stores give us this nice opportunity to add some really cool and unique pieces to our wardrobes without spend...
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July Favorites.

Aug 03.2017
Hello! How the World is treating you today? Well, I hope everything is a-ok. So, today I thought I’d write this little post about my random July...
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Young Heart.

Aug 13.2017
I hope you’ll always find a reason to smile. No matter what it is, no matter how stupid it seems. I hope you’ll always have something to look forw...

Summer In The City.

Aug 21.2017
So, some time ago my friend Kasparas (@kasparasg on instagram, definitely check him out!) shot some really cool pics of me and today I want to share t...
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Review: The Organic Pharmacy Flower Petal Deep Cleanser & Mask.

Oct 09.2017
Hey guyyyys! So a few weeks ago I’ve got a chance to try another one of the skincare products from BIOVAISTINĖ.LT. I’ve already tried an amazing ...
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July Favorites.

Hello! How the World is treating you today? Well, I hope everything is a-ok.

So, today I thought I’d write this little post about my random July favorites. And yeah, I know, it’s probably the most typical thing to say, but where did July go? It was honestly so short, I can’t even comprehend. But oh well, I guess that’s life.

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Hello! Today I wanted to share with you one of my simple and easy summer (ish’) outfits.

I go through random fashion phases where I want to wear these unique and bright 90’s inspired clothes, flared jeans, stripy colorful tops and so on.